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スプリング スプリング



実は、“ばね”  と  “春”  を表す「スプリング」の語源は同じなのです。
ばねメーカーの遠州スプリングは、いつもは部品の一部として使われているばねに光を当てたいという想いから、「SPRING  SPRING」プロジェクトをスタートしました。

A Spring that will give you Skipping Heart.
Bouncy, Stretchy, Not easy to bend. Most of the words that express spring are words will lighten you up. Actually the etymology of the Spring(one of season) and the Spring in front of you are same.
But a spring which has a happy image is always supporting your daily life behind the light, only just as a some parts.
From this reality and spring maker (Enshu Spring )strong feeling,「SPRING SPRING」project started.
As a spring that will deliver you a Skipping Heart , rather than a one functional spring, we are going to produce a Spring that will act on feelings.

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